Family, Culture & Community


The story of the Rockin Chicken starts while I was growing up in Lima, Peru. Going with my family to Pollerias a la Brasa as we call restaurants specializing in charcoal rotisserie chicken, was almost a weekly tradition. It is in these restaurants that Peruvian families get to enjoy chickens perfectly cooked in fiery charcoal rotisserie ovens. The Rockin Chicken grew out of my dream to recreate those dining experiences so dear to my family’s heart.

At the Rockin Chicken, our fresh never frozen chickens are marinated for 24 hours in a special secret blend. It is this combination of marinated chickens cooked with natural wood charcoal in ovens that were handcrafted in Peru and shipped directly to Hartford that creates these delicious moist chickens that are one of a kind.

We cannot wait for the community to come in and taste not only the authentic charcoal rotisserie chicken, but also the wide range of authentic Peruvian cuisine our restaurant has to offer. Using many of the family recipes, we have created a menu that is healthy, delicious, wholesome and affordable.

Dr. Miguel A. Colán